Hands-on Rubbish Removal

Garden Bags Brisbane’s hands-on rubbish removal service is suitable for home cleanups, yard cleanups, renovations, rental properties, deceased estates and much more.

At Garden Bags Brisbane, we understand that not everyone has the physical capabilities to remove large bulky items from their home. Likewise, we also understand that many people are time poor and are unable to keep up with the ongoing upkeep that some homes or businesses premises demand in terms of rubbish removal.

To facilitate these needs, Garden Bags Brisbane offers a noninvasive hand-on rubbish removal service to Brisbane residence to efficiently remove rubbish and unwanted junk from a premises and  discard of them in a legal manner.

If you have waste that falls into our allowed waste types, then take avail of this service to rid yourself of your rubbish woes. We use a 12m3 truck for our hands-on rubbish removal service and are able to remove up to 1000kg of waste. For heavier items, consider hiring one of our walk-in junk skip bins.

Hands-on Rubbish Removal FAQs

  • What type of waste is permitted?

    Permitted waste includes General and household waste including TVs, Computers, VCRs, DVD Players, Furniture, Fridges, Dryers, Washing Machines, Ovens, Sinks, Mattresses, Bed Heads, Carpet, Cupboards, Wardrobes and Doors.

    Waste that is not permitted includes heavier materials such as soil, concrete, tiles, bricks and timber.

  • How much does Hands-on Rubbish Removal cost?

    Garden Bags Brisbane’s hands-on rubbish removal service starts at just $60, depending on the location of the premises. If you would like a quote, please give Mark a call on 0421 324 819.

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