Walk In Junk Skip Bins

The accumulation of unwanted junk and rubbish is problematic for most. Often, discarded items such as old furniture and white-goods are too large to be disposed of via the council’s collection service. So what do you do? Rather than hope for another curb-side collection to happen in your suburb, why not be proactive and hire a walk-in junk skip bin. This way, your unwanted junk and rubbish will be a problem no more.

We provide an efficient and effective walk-in skip bin hire service throughout Brisbane Southside. Our skip bins offer the unique advantage of having a rear door that offers effortless entry for easy waste disposal. No more jumping into skips and no more injuries! Furthermore, we also offer a unique billing structure where you only pay for the amount of waste that you fill into the skip. No more wasting money ordering a skip that is too big or too small!

With Garden Bag Brisbane’s unique walk-in skip bins, your rubbish removals woes become a thing of the past.

Walk In Junk Skip Bins FAQs

  • How much does it cost to hire a Walk-In Junk Skip Bin?

    Prices are based on a 5-day hire. Additional days are billed at $20 per day.

    Skip Bin Size (Weight) Garden Skip Bin
    (100% Green Waste)
    Equivalent to
    Wheelie bins / (6′ x 4′) Trailers
    2m3 (300kg) From $150.00 inc GST 8 2
    3m3 (450kg) From $180.00 inc GST 12 3
    4m3 (600kg) From $220.00 inc GST 16 4
    5m3 (750kg) From $250.00 inc GST 20 5
    6m3 (900kg) From $299.00 inc GST 24 6
    7m3 (1000kg) From $350.00 inc GST 28 7
    8m3 (1050kg) From $400.00 inc GST 32 8
    9m3 (1100kg) From $450.00 inc GST 36 9
    10m3 (1150kg) From $520.00 inc GST 40 10
    11m3 (1200kg) From $550.00 inc GST 44 11
    12m3 (1250kg) From $599.00 inc GST 48 12

    Hire a junk skip bin

    Note: 4 Waste’s skip bins carry a weight limit. Exceeding this limit will incur a $50 fee per additional 100kg.

  • What type of waste is permitted in Walk-In Junk Skip Bins?

    There are restrictions as to what can be placed in Garden Bags Brisbane’s walk-in junk skip bins. Allowed items include general waste, such as household items, building materials and industrial waste and green waste. Hard fill waste such as soil, concrete, titles, rubble, junk mail (100%) and gravel is prohibited.

    If you have 100% green waste, hire a “walk-in” garden skip bin.

    Click here for a full list of allowed waste types.

  • What are the features of Walk-In Junk Skip Bins?

    Effortless entry via rear door

    Unlike other skip bins in Brisbane, Garden Bags Brisbane’s walk-in junk skip bins feature a swinging rear door. This allows effortless entry into the skip for a more convenient waste disposal: you won’t have to step onto the lip of the skip to get into the skip and heavy objects don’t need to be lifted over the walls of the skip to pack the skip evenly. With our skip bins you can simply walk or trolley your rubbish in to the skip and take avail of better packing and no muscle strains.

    Pay for amount of waste, not size of skip

    Garden Bags Brisbane’s walk-in junk skip bins are unlike any other skip bin service in Brisbane. We understand that no everyone can measure how much waste they have to get rid of or how what started out as a little bit of waste can suddenly escalate once a skip arrives.

    Because of this, we created a flexible billing system that only charges you for the amount of waste that is place into a skip and not a set fee based on the size of the skip which is what other Brisbane skip bin companies do.

  • What are the sizes of Walk-In Junk Skip Bins?

    Garden Bags Brisbane’s walk-in junk skip bins are available in three sizes and 10 fill levels. Hire a 6 cubic metre skip that has 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 5m3and 6m3 fill levels, hire a 8 cubic metre skip that has 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 5m3, 6m3, 7m3 and 8m3 fill levels or hire a 12 cubic metre skip that has 2m3, to 12m3 fill levels.

    Remember, with Garden Bags Brisbane you only pay for the amount of rubbish you add. So, if your rubbish fills to the 4m3 fill level, you pay for 4 cubic metres of waste, even if you have an 8 cubic metre skip.

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