Uses for Garden Tidy Bags

With today’s economy, most of us look for items that can serve more than one purpose. This ensures that we make the most out of our dollars and just pay for a single item instead of buying other single-purpose things. The same rings true for garden tools and equipment—especially caring for and whipping a garden in great shape can be very expensive. Garden tidy bags can serve a single purpose—as a bag to collect garden wastes brought on by activities such as mowing lawns, lopping trees, pruning withered flowers and herbs, and weeding.

But there are other uses for garden tidy bags, too, including the following:

  • You can use garden tidy bags for composting. This serves as a double benefit for you—not only do you save on re-using garden tidy bags, but you can also use the by-product of rotting green waste as an organic and cost-free nutrient for the soil in your garden.
  • You can also use garden tidy bags as planting containers. If you have run out of pots or space in your yard, you can use garden tidy bags to temporarily (or if you buy sturdy bags, even permanently) house small herbs, shrubs, and plants.

If you want to use garden tidy bags for the purposes stated above, you have to make sure that the bags you will buy are durable and made of high-quality material. There are many plastic tidy bags in the market, and they are relatively easy to find in gardening depots or even supermarkets. Plastic is a great planting container, especially if your plants need water and moisture locked in the soil. If, on the other hand, you want a multi-purpose tidy bag that’s friendlier to the environment, a wool bale or a bag made from a biodegradable material is your best bet. Aside from being durable, you can also wash and sanitise biodegradable tidy bags if you want to reuse them for another purpose.

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