What to do With Unwanted Garden Clippings

There are a few things in life that seem to be constant, and yard work is most definitely one of them. Grass keeps growing, bushes and trees need pruning and you’re left with the results of your hard labour: garden clippings, twigs, branches, weeds. There’s an easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of all that.

Everyone knows that recycling is a lot better for the environment than just throwing stuff away, but it is common misconception that it is okay to throw organic natural garden waste in the waste bin. Depending on where you live, it may be acceptable, but it is not exactly Earth-friendly. When you throw your garden clippings and other garden refuse into the waste bin, it often is buried under all sorts of other trash. This does not seem to be a very big deal at first, but the reality is that the trash heaps does not allow the proper amount of oxygen that the garden refuse needs in order to break down. Instead of decomposing the way it would if you left it around on your lawn, it actually adds to the landfill and does not decompose properly or at all.

No one really wants to leave unsightly garden clippings around; it defeats the purpose of doing all that hard work in the first place. The easiest way is to contact your local waste removal companies, such as Garden Bags Brisbane, and ask them about garden recycling bins. Garden recycling bins are perfect for all the left over garden clippings like flowers, small twigs, small branches, non-noxious weeds (check with your waste removal company to find out what those are), and grass clippings. Many times you don’t even need to worry about sorting grass clippings from twigs or flowers.

Garden recycling bins make getting rid of all those garden clippings extremely easy and you can feel good about helping the environment as well. Your city hopefully has a special place where it manages the garden clippings to ensure that they break down and decompose properly. If you’re interested in other ways to help the environment even more, consider composting. When done properly, it is great for your garden and saves you money on fertiliser too. Give Garden Bags Brisbane a call for your Gold Coast garden waste removal and enquire about their garden bin or garden bag hire services; otherwise you can try building your own.

Go ‘greener’ this year and make it easier to get rid of garden clippings with Garden Bags Brisbane.