The Benefits of a Garden Bag Over a Compost Bin

Garden compost bins is one of the best ways to recycle your leftovers and various biodegradable wastes to something more useful—compost can create nutrient-rich soil that you can use to grow strong and robust plants. Using garden compost bins can help produce organic fertiliser that is great for fruit trees or vegetable patches. Many Brisbane gardeners swear by the usefulness of garden compost bins, and sustainable living advocates extol how great having one in your yard is for ensuring the reduction of household wastes.

However, not all Brisbane homes can successfully maintain garden compost bins. You probably do not have a space at home that can be closed off—the compost bin will need to be protected from animals or even from neighbours that will chuck in non-biodegradable waste in there—which is essential for the maintenance of garden compost bins. You also cannot simply use any old bin for compost—you have to make sure that the odours will be trapped in, and that the material will not disintegrate along with the biodegradable wastes inside it. There are plenty of expensive bins in the market—some of them are designed with aesthetics high in the priority (read: “pretty”), while some promise to be more “high-tech” compared to the other bins in the market.

It will be more cost-efficient and a lot easier to use a garden bag than a bin. All you need to do is to find a very small corner to place the garden bag in. Garden bags are not only useful for compost purposes, but they serve a wide variety of uses. You can bring them around the yard to collect garden waste such as fallen and withered leaves without exerting much effort. They are also useful in other parts of the home (such as in the kitchen) and even in the workplace. These garden bags are typically manufactured using weatherproof and durable fabric—definitely more attractive to look at in different parts of the house compared to a stinky bin.

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