Recycle Your Garden Waste with Compost Bags

It is undeniable that the Earth needs a helping hand to try and reverse the effects of years of pollution and waste. Luckily, if you happen to have a garden and a lawn you have a couple of powerful tools at your disposal.

We are talking about composting. If the thought of composting makes you wrinkle your nose, do not stop reading. Composting does not need to be smelly or disgusting. Your garden will actually thank you for composting. Composting allows the natural nutrients of your every day yard waste to break down into packets of super food for your garden plants. Compost is a natural fertiliser and reduces waste that otherwise goes to landfills. If you already have a spot in mind for your compost pile that is absolutely fine. Lots of people build wooden bins for compost piles. If you are not sure that you will use the same space for your compost pile or if you do not feel like building a bin, one of the best things to do is get a compost bin or compost bags. This way the compost is contained safely, but can be relocated if necessary.

Compost bags are a great way to get started with composting. You will just add twigs, break down branches, throw in leaves, and grass clippings. Dig up a few earthworms and plop them into the pile. You should check the composting often, because it should not get covered with mould. When you check your compost bags if you have enough yard waste for more than one, you want to make sure that can’t recognise the contents. If you can still recognise grass clippings and leaves or twigs, it is an indication that the decomposing is not properly done.

When you think the decomposing is done, do not spread the mixture right away. Instead, wait for a while; up to three weeks to see if, any more decomposing happens. If nothing else happens, it means your mixture is perfect to spread on your garden. If you find you need more compost bags you can always ask for more to be delivered. Many people have found that they are able to compost a great deal of vegetable and fruit refuse as well in their compost piles which helps reduce even more waste.

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