How to get rid of your garden clippings

The by-products of basic lawn and garden care (including weeding, pruning, and mowing) results to a pile of waste that you cannot simply throw away in the same way you dispose other types of garbage. If you add your garden clippings to regular waste materials, they will occupy some serious space in landfills and that’s something that Mother Nature won’t appreciate.

You basically have two environment-friendly options when in the process of getting rid of your garden clippings. Your first option is making a compost pile in your yard. This allows you to use your garden waste into good use as they will supply nutrients to your plants. As for your grass clippings, as long as they do not exceed one inch long, you can leave them in your lawn after mowing. Those that are longer than an inch must be bagged and must be disposed as they will block the sunlight needed by your plants.

Your second option is hire a company that offers garden bags and garden bin hire service. Although making use of compost pile is still your number one option, not all gardeners have the time, the energy, or even the space in their yards to do this. However, by going with second option, you can still be sure that your garden clippings will be taken care of in a most environment-friendly way.

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