How often are garden waste bins collected?

Getting your garden neat and tidy just isn’t complete until all the garden waste is thrown away or disposed off accordingly. But knowing How to get rid of your garden clippings correctly can be tricky. If you don’t have a garden rubbish removal service, you’ll either be forced to transport it to a rubbish tip or pile it up somewhere in your yard and that won’t do justice to your efforts to clean the garden. This is why garden rubbish removal service is important.

When you book a rubbish collection service with Garden Bags Brisbane, you’ll be given a choice on how frequent your garden waste bins be collected. You can choose the bins to be collected every four or eight weeks. If you do gardening rather frequently, you’ll likely need to schedule a more regular collection, like every four weeks. If your garden rubbish doesn’t pile up that much, then every eight weeks will do.

Since the garden waste bins will only be collected every four or eight weeks, you’ll need to carefully plan how many bins you’ll need to last for that period. Medium sized gardens may need two or more bins, but this still depends on how frequently you clean your garden. So as you can, there are many benefits of garden recycling bins.

If you’re worried about the durability of the bins, rest assured that the bins Garden Bags Brisbane provides are durable enough to handle your garden rubbish. These bins are specially designed to handle even branches. Just make sure that the branches fit inside the bin with the lid closed so as not to release any foul odors.

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