How much does a garden wheelie bin hold?

When booking our garden rubbish removal services in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you’ll be given a choice between garden bags or a garden wheelie bin. Different home owners prefer different methods of rubbish storage. Some prefer garden bags, while others prefer garden bins. If you have a rather large garden and don’t want to keep having between the bin and the waste pile, then a garden wheelie would be the perfect choice.

Garden wheelies can easily be moved around the garden while you’re cleaning. After cleaning, simply return the garden wheelie to an ideal spot and you can either wait to have it collected by Garden Bags Brisbane or you can use it further if it’s not full.

Garden wheelies have rather large storage spaces so it could take an amount of time to fill depending on how much rubbish you need to throw out. Garden Bags Brisbane has garden wheelies for hire that have amount 1 cubic meter of storage space. This is more than enough space for a regular sized garden. However, if you have gardens that are about an acre or more in size, then you might want to consider planning for 2 or more garden wheelie bins, especially if you tend to your garden frequently.

Another option would be to set a more frequent schedule for your garden wheelie bin to be collected. Garden Bags Brisbane collect bags every 4 or 8 weeks. You may want to consider this when planning how many garden wheelie bins you’ll need to hire. Visit our Brisbane or Gold Coast Garden bin and Bag services page for more information or to make service bookings.