Garden rubbish bins Vs. bags, what’s the better option?

Cleaning your garden is a lot of hard work, especially when you’re doing an initial clean-up. After clipping and arranging your plants and trees, gathering all the waste can be a daunting task as well. How much effort you’ll need to assert in cleaning your garden will largely determine the type of disposal mediums you’ll need to hire.

Garden Bags Brisbane has two types of disposal options you can select from – garden rubbish bins and garden rubbish bags. Each has different pros and cons depending on several different factors; the size of your garden; how much rubbish your garden produces.

Garden rubbish bins are the perfect choice for large gardens. The main reason is that these are easy to wheel around and take along with you while you clean your garden. Once full or you’re done placing all the rubbish inside, simply wheel them to a location where they can easily be collected by our personnel.  For more information, view our previous post; ‘Benefits of Garden Bins

Garden rubbish bags are good for small or medium sized gardens, where you don’t have to walk too far to place the rubbish in the bags. Many homeowners with smaller gardens prefer the bags, especially if their garden doesn’t produce a lot of rubbish. Continue reading Hire Lawn Clipping Bags for Your Garden Clippings

If you need further help on deciding which disposal medium is best for your garden, don’t hesitate to go to our contact page and request for more information. One of our personnel will contact you and discuss the best choices for your garden rubbish removal services.