How much does Garden Bag Hire cost?

Gardening is proven to be one of the most therapeutic and rewarding activities that people from all walks of life can really enjoy. Planting trees, trimming the plants, and seeing flowers and vegetable grow could be a source of pride particularly during harvesting time. You’ll also feel pure joy when you realise that your garden is thriving and has become the source of envy in your neighbourhood.

However, gardening can be an exhausting activity, as it requires so much time and energy. Fertilising the soil, weeding, planting the trees, maintaining the lawn, etc. can sometimes overwhelm you. If you’d prefer to get the help of different professionals that can take out some tasks on your plate, you should seriously consider Garden Bag Hire. This is a service where in a particular company will provide you with garden bags that you can rent. They will also be responsible of emptying these on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about properly disposing your garden waste.

Here at Garden Bag Brisbane, we offer not just reliable but affordable garden bag hire for both the Gold Coast (down to Tweed Heads) and Brisbane, to Brisbane South. We charge as low as $60.00 for a once-off-service of 2 garden bags with a frame or for pick-up services, we charge as low as $6 each pick up (3 pick-up minimum).

Each garden bag that we provide is made specifically to contain and hold all types of gardening debris so proper disposal will not be a problem. We also provide convenient delivery and pick-up service for garden bag hire and we guarantee you that we will dispose your garden waste in a very environment-friendly manner.

Book your Garden Bag service for either the Gold Coast or Brisbane online or for questions about the service, please call 07 3343 3030 and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.