Terms & Conditions – Garden Bags

The Easy Gardener Terms and Conditions^^

Our Commitment to You

The Easy Gardener will endeavour to supply a garden waste removal service to suit your gardening needs, subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

Occasionally circumstances beyond our control and yours (such as inclement weather, truck maintenance, illness, human error etc.), may prevent us from providing the service as scheduled. A replacement service will be provided at the standard fee, and the non-supplied service will be credited. # Please ensure that we are advised of non-supply prior to the next scheduled service week.

To assist with schedule management and payment options, we offer a secure Member’s Area via web login. Login requires your Customer ID, then postcode, to access your details including your account history.

We welcome feedback to ensure our clients are receiving a flexible and convenient service.

Service policy^^^

The Easy Gardener requires a MINIMUM of three (3) paid bag/bin collections before the service can be cancelled, unless by prior arrangement, or in the case of a pre-booked & pre-paid “one-off service”.

Garden bags are emptied on a subscription style basis. Cycle options are monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and fortnightly (in limited areas).

The date of pickup we quote is the week starting date. Collection of your bag may be anytime Monday to Saturday of that week.

The maximum interval allowed between billed services is 12 weeks (or three months) unless by prior arrangement.

Garden bag fill volume must not exceed ‘just under’ the level of the top bar, to facilitate removal of the bag from frame.

Bag/bin weight must not exceed 80kg: both to preserve our contractor’s back health and the truck hydraulics.

If bags are too heavy or overfilled, a spare bag may be left for you to divide the contents. The second bag charge will apply when both are emptied.

If the contractor is still unable to remove overfull/overweight bags, an additional charge may be applied at the contractor’s discretion.

Payments and Charges^^^

Postponement requests must be received by Wednesday of the week prior to scheduled service to guarantee no charge for the month.

If the driver attends your address for an attempted service but is unable to complete the service to our equipment,  a full charge is applied when:

  • The bag is overfull/ too heavy
  • There is no access for our equipment
  • The bag is empty
  • We were not provided with enough notice to action your postponement request

All Accounts must be paid within 28 days of service.

Payments can be made by Direct Deposit, Credit card, PayPal or cheque.

Cash payments may be made only if the bag and frame are in a safe & secure location. Cash is to be left in our invoice envelope or a plain envelope with your CUSTOMER ID AND ADDRESS printed clearly on the front, placed in a plastic bag and tied to the metal frame under the bag flap.

The Easy Gardener is not responsible for missing cash payments or lost envelopes.

Two or more invoices left unpaid will result in a temporary suspension of service and a reminder letter/email. An administration fee of $5^ is automatically applied to the overdue account. If a third reminder is required, the administration fee will be added to a cancellation fee of ​the total cost of hire^.

If no payment is received after three reminders, the green waste (or value thereof) may be returned to the associated address in lieu of full payment.

Conditions of Quarterly Equipment Hire^^^

For addresses requiring less garden maintenance, a quarterly hire arrangement is available. Quarterly hire is charged at $30^ per 3 months and includes one bag service in that time. Extra pickups are available on request. Postponements to scheduled pickups are not available for this service selection.

The hire fee will be applied regardless of fill level at the time of service.

Quarterly accounts are to remain one payment in advance at all times. If the scheduled service week is not pre-paid, the bag/bin may not be emptied, at the discretion of The Easy Gardener. However, the regular quarterly hire fee will be applied to the account.

If the invoice is not paid within the term allowed, a reminder letter will be mailed out monthly until remittance is received. This letter attracts an administration fee^.

Allowable Bag Contents^^^

The garden waste removed as part of our service goes straight to the green recycling area.
We cannot accept –

  • scrap metal, non-organic food, animal waste, rubbish, plastic, paper or cardboard
  • rocks, stones, gravel, garden mulch, compost, soil, tree stumps, or heavy branches & offcuts.

If any non-green waste items are placed in the bag, the bag will NOT be removed and the full-service fee will apply. It is the client’s responsibility to remove any non-green material and arrange for a replacement pickup. If our contractor is forced to leave bags due to inappropriate use of our equipment, the service may be removed, and a cancellation fee^ applied.

Cancellation of Service^^^

We require 7 days’ notice to process a cancellation request. This includes time to allocate your final pickup to the contractor’s schedule, clear final payment etc. We will endeavour to pick up your final bag in your preferred week. However, if we do not have a contractor in your area, the pickup will revert to your scheduled service week.

Accounts must be paid in full, including the charge for the final service of your property, BEFORE we remove the bag and frame. Once this payment has cleared we will schedule the collection and removal of our equipment.

If insufficient notice is provided, the final pickup will be added to the next pickup cycle and charged accordingly.

Please note: we do not have a refund policy, except under extenuating circumstances (at the discretion of The Easy Gardener). Therefore, it is recommended that final services are scheduled for the end of your credit cycle.

^ All fees and charges are subject to change at the discretion of The Easy Gardener. A minimum of one (1) months’ notice will be provided.^^ These terms of service are a legal agreement which sets out the terms and conditions which govern your use of The Easy Gardener’s equipment, terms of payment, as well as the supply of products and services (individually and collectively, the “Services”) to the client by The Easy Gardener. By using our services, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms which form the basis of all transactions between us and you.  If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not engage our service.^^^ The Easy Gardener may modify these terms for any reason at any time by posting a new version on our website. Your continued use of our service following the posting of modified Terms is deemed as acceptance of these updated Terms and is subject to the terms in effect at the time of your use. Please review these terms periodically to view any changes. If you object to any provision of these terms, or any subsequent modification to these terms, or become dissatisfied with our service in any way, we recommend communicating with the Easy Gardener for clarification of Terms, and to resolve any disputes. The Easy Gardener will attempt, by all reasonable means, to come to a satisfactory arrangement by which both parties can continue a productive relationship. If, after communication with The Easy Gardener, you are not satisfied with the provisions we are able to make, your only recourse is to terminate our service to your property, subject to the usual Terms of Cancellation as detailed within.