How lawn clipping bags can reduce your garden upkeep

Mowing the lawn will always be a part of garden care. While grass clippings that are less than one inch decompose relatively quickly that results to fertilised soil, longer clippings are more likely to remain above the lawn where they smother the grass beneath and they appear unsightly. These clippings will not help your garden in anyway and thus, they must be removed ASAP.

Thatch production is one of the primary reasons for collection lawn clippings. This is a layer of organic matter between actively growing plants and the surface of the soil. The problem arises if the organic matter is produced faster when compared to the decomposed micro-organism. Thatch can easily ruin your plants and maybe your whole garden.

If you have spacious garden and if you want to make the process of cleaning up clippings, make use of lawn clipping bags that you can strategically place throughout your garden. This way, you don’t need to drag the bag each time you need to trim a section of your property. This can help you save time and energy.

After collecting your leaves and grass using lawn clipping bags, you will need to figure out an environment-friendly way of disposing them. If you need help with that, make Garden Bags Brisbane your partner. We offer first class garden service throughout Brisbane and we specialise in garden bags delivery and pick up for your lawn clipping bags. By taking advantage of our service, you can save time that you can spend on other gardening activities.